Division/Church St Corridor Study

For background on what this project is about, read this post.

Expressing Your Opinions to Project Staff
If you have opinions you wish to express to the project staff, you can send them as follows.

If you want to e-mail your comments, send to both of the following:

  • Bruce Gerland, Consultant Project Manager, AECOM: bruce.gerland@aecom.com
  • Scott Schatschneider, Director of Public Works, City of Stevens Point: sschatschneider@stevenspoint.com

If you send through the US Mail, send to:

Bruce Gerland, PE
200 Indiana Avenue
Stevens Point, WI 54481

Next Public Meeting
A comment at a February meeting between project staff and the Southside Business Association indicates that there is currently no set timeframe for selecting a preferred design alternative. Project staff also mentioned that it was unlikely any such selection would occur by spring of 2014.

I will use this space to post information as it becomes available regarding future public meetings about this project.

Project Documents
The city webpage for this project can be accessed here. Numerous project documents can be accessed via this page.

Below I list links that should be useful for accessing documents from the city’s webpage for this project. I intend to keep up as the project adds documents and updates its pages, but I may fall behind on occasion. If any of the links below become broken, all documents should be accessible by navigating the links from the main project webpage above.

Here are links to the presentation documents and lists of PDFs from past meetings. The PDF lists contain links to handouts, posters, videos, and other materials that were available at meetings.

  • 1/23/13 Presentation: Overview of project from first public meeting
  • 5/16/13 Presentation: Discussion of preliminary alternatives from second public meeting
  • 10/14/13 Presentation: Project status update from October Board of Public Works meeting
          • 10/14/13 Page of PDF links from October Board of Public Works meeting
          • List of PDFs from all meetings up to and including 10/14/13 (titles starting ‘Round 2′ are from 10/14/13, all others are from earlier meetings)
  • 11/20/13 Presentation: Discussion from third public meeting about project needs, public involvement process, and viability for proposed alternatives

Below are some of the links from these PDF pages that I feel are particularly useful.

The PDFs of detailed alternative designs from the third public meeting in November 2013 seem to have the same content as the PDFs of detailed alternative designs from the October 2013 Board of Public Works meeting. But it is certainly easier to compare the different alternatives at a glance by using the November 2013 PDFs than the October 2013 PDFs.

PPSP Comments to Project Staff
PPSP has sent several e-mails commenting to project staff. Links to copies of these e-mails are listed below (most recent first):

PPSP Comments at Public Meetings

Previous PPSP Posts
Below is a list of all previous PPSP posts on this project (most recent first):