Poster Advertises Stevens Point Critical Mass Ride

A poster at Emy J’s advertises a Critial Mass Ride on Sunday in Stevens Point.  According to the poster, the ride meets at noon at the square downtown.

The term ‘Critical Mass’ carries a lot of baggage, much of which is quite unfavorable among certain road users.  PPSP knows nothing more about this ride (or the choice of “Critical Mass” as its title) beyond the little stated in the poster: “Celebrating non-motorized transport.  Bring ya bike or other person-powered wheels for a cycle friendly tour of the city.”

PPSP encourages the people creating this Bike Fun opportunity to focus on the positives of pedaling and not to engage in any anti-car activity.

People make their choices of how they get from A to B based on many factors.  PPSP certainly would prefer to see large increases in the number of people choosing to pedal, as this is the most effective way to create safer roads for all road users, regardless of the vehicle they use.  The best way to encourage those who generally drive to give pedaling a try is to create bridges instead of fostering alienation.

Hopefully those involved with this Critical Mass Ride share this sentiment and will inspire a safe, legal, and positive Bike Fun event.

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