Wisconsin’s Very Own Bikedance Team: The Greasy Gears

If you hear that The Greasy Gears are performing nearby, then you should immediately hop on your bike, pedal over, and prepare to be entertained!

Yesterday on the Bicycle Federation of Wisconsin blog, there was a post about the Madison-based Greasy Gears, who were described as a “female go-go dance group with a love for cycling”.  On their own website, the Greasy Gears describe themselves succinctly: “We dance. We ride bikes. We have fun.”

According to the BFW post, the idea for the Greasy Gears arose a few years ago after a Madison performance of a Portland, OR bikedance team called The Sprockettes.

When I lived in Portland, I had many chances to see The Sprockettes as they performed their boombox-choreographed routines that combined dance with bicycle acrobatics and often included spectacular elements like fire.  Fun doesn’t even begin to describe the positive energy that their enthusiastic performances generate.

If you are not familiar with bikedance, you’ll want to be.  Bikedance teams have formed in several cities – in addition to Portland’s Sprockettes, there are the B:C:Clettes from Vancouver, BC, The Derailleurs from the San Francisco area, and The Racketeers from Chicago.  These groups are each all-gal bikedance teams, but there have also been all-guy counterparts such as Chain Reaction from Portland.

And now The Greasy Gears represent Wisconsin in this wildly entertaining genre.  Past performances have all been in Madison, but who knows?  Maybe they’ll find their way up to Stevens Point someday and serve up some serious Bike Fun around the fountain on the downtown square.

And ladies – if you want to be a Greasy Gear, the BFW post reports that you can join them.  No experience is necessary.

For more info, you can read the BFW post and also check out The Greasy Gears website.

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