New 1-Day and 2-Day Options for This Weekend’s Bike Fun

Bike Fun continues this weekend with “Whatever Happened to Mosey Creek?”.  You can learn more about this ride here.

Depending on the group of Poky Pedalers who participate, it is possible this event could last about 4 hours. As this might be a bit long for some, Poky Pedaling Stevens Point just announced a new option for this Bike Fun event.

Original 1-day option: “Whatever Happened to Mosey Creek?” will start as scheduled from the Schmeeckle Visitor Center Parking lot at 12:45 PM this Saturday May 19. The entire 13-mile ride and story will be presented on Saturday – the 1-day option – for those who are happy to spend a pleasant afternoon in that manner.

New 2-day option: About halfway through the ride/story, we will be less than a mile from our starting location.  For those who have limited time for Bike Fun on Saturday, this will be a good location from which to leave the Poky Pedal and return on their own to the Schmeeckle Visitor Center parking lot. (Simple directions for how to return will be given.)

To accomodate those who decide to leave halfway through, there will be an option to hear the rest of the story the next day – the 2-day option. On Sunday May 20, those interested can again arrive at the Schmeeckle Visitor Center parking lot at 12:45 PM.  From there, we’ll ride less than a mile to the previous day’s halfway point where the Bike Fun will continue with the second part of the story.

It’s your choice: There is no need to decide in advance which option you prefer. At the halfway point on Saturday, I’ll present the option so each Poky Pedaler can decide for themselves whether to continue on or head back to the start.  There is no obligation to return on Sunday if you leave halfway, but the option is there if you decide you want to learn more about “Whatever Happened to Mosey Creek?”

The page of Upcoming Poky Pedals has been updated to reflect the new 1-day and 2-day options.  (The full 2012 calendar has not been updated.)  You can visit the page with updated dates and times here.

Whether the 1-day option or 2-day option, come share in the Bike Fun and learn about this interesting chapter in the history of Stevens Point.

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