Want More Bike Fun? History-Themed Poky Pedal Tomorrow

Tomorrow provides another opportunity for Bike Fun, this time a history-themed Poky Pedal called “Whatever Happened to Mosey Creek?”

Some might be more familiar with the name Moses Creek – we’ll actually talk about that name confusion during the Poky Pedal.

In describing what this event will be, I often say it is an ‘urban interpretive bicycle ride’.  We’ll ride to various locations which are significant in the history of the creek and its relationship to Stevens Point over the past 175 years.  At each, I’ll present a part of the story.  We’ll continue in this manner, riding from place to place, for a 13 mile loop.

As with all Poky Pedals, we’ll ride a slow pace on calm streets and multi-use paths.  Depending on how poky we are, the event will take around 3-4 hours to complete.

The entire story will be presented on Saturday.  For those who cannot stay for the entire story yet still want to hear Part 2, there will be a repeat of Part 2 only on Sunday.  See this post for more detail about that option.

Look at the Upcoming Poky Pedals page for all the details on when and where to show up.  It looks to be a nice warm day tomorrow – a great day to share some Bike Fun!

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