Bike Fun Report: So That’s What Happened To Mosey Creek

On Saturday, 16 people showed up to share some Bike Fun and discover “Whatever Happened to Mosey Creek?”

It turned out to be an unseasonably hot May afternoon as the group rode 13 miles to numerous locations significant to the history of the creek, more commonly referred to as Moses Creek nowadays.  At each location, I briefly recounted a relevant piece of the history of the creek and its relationship to Stevens Point, spanning from the 1830’s to the recent restoration project in Schmeeckle Reserve.

Most of the group endured the heat to enjoy the entire story on Saturday.  There was an option to leave halfway through in order to return the next day for Part 2, so a handful of folks left the ride early.  Unfortunately, Sunday afternoon’s forecast called for heavy rain, and ominous clouds filled the sky as the Sunday start time approached. Because getting caught in a thunderstorm midway through the Poky Pedal would have been quite unpleasant, the encore presentation of Part 2 was sadly cancelled.

Nevertheless, all seemed to enjoy Saturday’s Bike Fun, whether they stayed for the full story or left early.

Plenty more Bike Fun remains as summer arrives.  You can view the full 2012 Bike Fun calendar here, and you can learn a few more details about the June Poky Pedals here.

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