UPDATE: Rain Is Forecast: Today’s Mosey Creek Part 2 Cancelled

Update 3PM: Due to the threatening forecast and ominous clouds, today’s Poky Pedal was cancelled.  I did head up to the start location at 12:45PM – since no Poky Pedalers showed up by 1PM, I presume others came to the same conclusion that Bike Fun would best be enjoyed another day.

The forecast for today’s weather is not promising for the Whatever Happened to Mosey Creek? – Part 2 ride scheduled today.  What I saw online suggests we might get a prolonged downpour starting in the 1 PM to 2 PM time frame.

I was waiting to see if either the rain might start or if the forecast might change, but neither has happened yet as of noon.

I plan to head to the start location at Schmeeckle Visitor Center parking lot at the scheduled 12:45 time.  If anyone else is there, we’ll collectively decide if we want to head out on our bicycles or not.

I have no expectations – if you decide the weather will deteriorate rapidly and so you do not head up to Schmeeckle, I certainly respect that choice.

If we do not ride today, I hope you decide to share some Bike Fun on a future Poky Pedal.

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