Hostel Shoppe to Host 2012 Midwest Recumbent Rally in August

The Hostel Shoppe, located here in Stevens Point, will be hosting the 2012 Midwest Recumbent Rally at their store from Friday, August 10 through Sunday, August 12.

One of the great features of this annual event is the opportunity to test ride a variety of recumbent bikes and trikes. Reps from several recumbent manufacturers will be present to give you information about their recumbents and to answer any questions. And there are presentations featuring topics of interest to recumbent riders and riders-to-be.

For those interested in pedaling, there are group rides scheduled each day.

I feel this is one of the great bike events that occurs each year – not only in Stevens Point but in the US. Recumbents can be an outstanding choice for pedaling, but the opportunities are few to get good information about what is available and what choices one might want to consider.

I fall in the recumbent rider-to-be category, but I’ve learned a lot through this event over the past several years. I have a feeling that my first recumbent tricycle will occupy my garage in the not-too-distant future.

The Hostel Shoppe does require a $15 registration fee to participate in the 2012 Midwest Recumbent Rally.  You can learn all the details, including updates to the schedule as the event draws near, on the Hostel Shoppe website here.

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