Bike Fun This Saturday on the Poke-Around Ride: West Side

More Bike Fun is on tap this weekend as the Poke-Around Ride: West Side is scheduled for Saturday, June 23. We’ll meet at 12:45 PM at the Pfiffner Park duck pond footbridge.

You’ll learn a bit of local history, see some pleasant scenery, and discover some whimsical features of this infrequently-explored part of Stevens Point. We’ll ride an 11 mile loop on calm streets and multi-use paths. Feel free to bring a snack because we’ll have a rest stop in a park about halfway through. Plan on about 2 1/2 hours for the entire loop.

Right now, the weather predicts mild temps with a small chance for storms on Saturday. Check this blog over the next few days for updates on how weather might affect the schedule. Right now there is no plan to postpone the ride, but you might want to note that the rain date is the next day (Sunday).

For more info, you can find the schedule here. I look forward to sharing Bike Fun with you.

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