Despite Light Sprinkle, Today’s Poky Pedal Will Ride as Scheduled

Although I noticed a few sprinkles moments ago (it’s now 11:45 AM Saturday), today’s Poke-Around Ride: West Side will proceed as scheduled.

The forecast indicates that these sprinkles should stop before we start, and there is a small chance that more light sprinkles may fall near the end of our ride (between 3-4 PM). There doesn’t seem to be any indication that any moderate or heavy rain will fall. Temps will be pleasant in the mid-70’s.

Although we might get a bit of (gentle) wetness on our Poky Pedal, the weather seems good enough to ride as scheduled. A few sprinkles might even be welcome as the afternoon wears on.

See you at the Pfiffner Park duck pond at 12:45.

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