Bike Fun Report: Poke-Around Ride: West Side

Yesterday, 15 Poky Pedalers shared a ton of Bike Fun on the Poke-Around Ride: West Side.

A light sprinkle ended just before we started riding, and the clouds parted to provide us a nice warm sunny day for exploring the portion of Stevens Point west of the Wisconsin River. More than a few cries of “Wow, I never knew this was here” were elicited from our group over the course of the afternoon.

Enjoying a snack at Slomann Park

Among the highlights:

  • We learned a bit of history about several parks and the people they were named after,
  • We visited the Wisconsin River dam, Rocky Run Creek, the west-bank spillway opposite Bukolt Park, and learned the relationship among these for dealing with flooding in downtown Stevens Point in the 1930’s,
  • We sighted turtles and heron during some of the scenic stretches, and we also stumbled upon buffalo and dwarves in some unexpected places,
  • We discussed CAP Services and the Resiliency Project and the work each does to improve our local community,
  • We discovered that Poky Pedaling Stevens Point can tell you how to get to (West) Sesame Street.  Upon arrival, we joyously sang the theme song.  Twice.

(In case you’ve forgotten the words to the Sesame Street theme, here they are:

Sunny day…Sweepin’ the clouds away
On my way…To where the air is sweet
Can you tell me how to get…How to get to Sesame Street

Now you’re prepared for the next time you visit W. Sesame St.)

Needless to say, we all shared lots of Bike Fun over the course of the 11 mile, 2 1/2 hour Poky Pedal.

Five more Poky Pedals remain between now and late September. You can learn about the upcoming rides here and can find the entire schedule of 2012 rides here.

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