Epic Ice Cream Ride is Saturday!

Run to your bike and get your tires pumped – right now! – because the Epic Ice Cream Ride is upon us.

This Poky Pedal epitomizing Bike Fun will meet Saturday at 12:45 PM in Iverson Park near the slide set.  (The slide set sits in a woodchip area next to the north parking lot and will be pretty obvious once you see it. And Poky Pedalers will be hanging around.)

From there, we’ll embark on a 7 mile loop returning to Iverson Park.  We’ll visit 3 ice cream locations en route.  At each one, we’ll share whatever ice cream is purchased.  I’m anticipating each person will want about 1/3 of a single serving of ice cream at each location, so we’ll set things up to allow 3 people to negotiate a flavor and split a single scoop among themselves.

If you want to split among more or fewer people (or share more than a single scoop), that is up to you.  Those who split ice cream will also split the expense of purchasing it – if split among 3 people, you will likely spend a dollar or less at each location.

There is no obligation to eat ice cream at any particular stop. We’ll rebalance the ice cream sharing groups as necessary to make the numbers work out.

At the start, I’ll distribute a bowl and spoon (and a small bag for them that should fit on your handlebars) to each rider. You can rinse these off at each location before we ride on to the next. This is how we’ll share in a sanitary, nondisposable manner.

Following the 7 mile loop, those who decide they want an epic amount of ice cream can continue on an optional 12 mile loop, where we’ll visit 2-3 more ice cream places. You can decide whether you want to stop or to continue once we return to Iverson Park after the 7 mile loop.

You can read more about the Epic Ice Cream Ride here. If you are curious about letting your child ride (versus towing her/him in a trailer), see the “Are Poky Pedals Family Friendly?” FAQ page for more info.

For any additional questions, feel free to use the form below to sent me e-mail.

I look forward to sharing Bike Fun (and ice cream) with you.

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