Bike Fun Report: Epic Ice Cream Ride

Yesterday, 13 Poky Pedalers shared maximal Bike Fun on the Epic Ice Cream Ride.

Eating ice cream is what the Epic Ice Cream Ride is all about

Starting from Iverson Park, the first portion of the ride made a loop of 7 miles while stopping at 3 ice cream shops.  At each, we split several scoops of delicious ice cream among ourselves. It turned out to be a pleasant day to ride with generous warmth that made the ice cream taste even better.

Upon returning to Iverson Park, 6 Poky Pedalers decided that even more ice cream was better. So this group set off on an additional, epic 12 mile loop which carried us to 2 more ice cream establishments – making a total of 19 miles visiting 5 ice cream shops.

Bike Fun always makes Poky Pedalers happy, but including ice cream generates unimaginable euphoria. Needless to say, a good time was had by all.

More Bike Fun is scheduled for the next few months.  Check out the list of upcoming rides here as well as the entire schedule of 2012 rides here.

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