Thank You Hostel Shoppe for Sponsoring Safety Billboard

The Bicycle Federation of Wisconsin reported on their blog today that the Hostel Shoppe of Stevens Point has sponsored a “3 Feet – It’s The Law” billboard in Stevens Point.

View of billboard while looking south along County R (Brilowski Rd) just north of the railroad overpass (the message stands out much better in person than in this pic)

This billboard will help educate motor vehicle operators to leave at least 3 feet of room when passing someone riding a bicycle on the roadway. This is not merely for courtesy’s sake – it is in fact required by Wisconsin state law.

The BFW has been spreading messages such as this as part of their Share & Be Aware campaign. On their website, the BFW states that their goal is “to raise awareness among all road users that everyone would be much safer if all of us would obey all traffic laws at all times.”

From the BFW post, the new billboard is on County R (Brilowski Rd) just south of Hwy 10. I haven’t been out there to see it yet, but from that description it seems that it might be visible from the Brilowski Trail, the separated sidepath along County R between Old Hwy 18 and Hwy HH. I’m hoping to get out there in the next day or two to have a look at it.

(UPDATE 8/7: I went out to see the billboard this afternoon. It is indeed just south of Old Hwy 18 (and just north of the hill formed by the railroad overpass) facing southbound traffic. It is easily viewable from the Brilowski Trail, in case any reader wants to go take a peek.)

We should all heartily thank the Hostel Shoppe for stepping up and helping to spread the “3 Feet” message. If you happen to be heading out to the Midwest Recumbent Rally at the Hostel Shoppe this weekend (see my earlier post about this event here), take a moment to thank them for supporting the efforts of the BFW in creating safer roads for us all.

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