Tiny Museum Ride Will Provide Bike Fun on Saturday

The major cultural event of the 2012 Bike Fun Calendar takes place this weekend. The Tiny Museum Ride is Saturday (8/25) at 12:45 PM. Starting from Goerke Park, we’ll ride to a selection of Stevens Point’s tiny museums – there are far more than most people might imagine.

You can expect the Poky Pedal to stop at 3 museums. At each museum, we’ll explore for somewhere around 20-40 minutes, depending on the interests of Poky Pedalers in what there is to see and learn. There will be no charge for visiting any of the museums.

Although one or two of the museums we visit will likely be familiar to many Poky Pedalers, I’m pretty sure at least one of them will be a surprise to all but the most culturally sophisticated among us.

Upon returning to Goerke Park, our route will complete a loop of about 8 miles on calm streets. We should finish before 4 PM, but if you can’t stay that long you are welcome to come for only one or two museums before leaving the group and returning on your own.

Right now, the weather forecast calls for no rain on Saturday afternoon. Keep an eye on this blog or the Tweets at the right for weather updates.

A Saturday afternoon full of Bike Fun can’t be beat. For more info about the Tiny Museum Ride, click here.

If you are curious about letting your child ride (versus towing her/him in a trailer), see the “Are Poky Pedals Family Friendly?” FAQ page for more info.

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