Autumn Bike Fun Saturday on Maple Ride

This Saturday, Poky Pedalers will revel in our lovely Fall arboreal display during the Maple Ride.

The official ‘arboreal display’ for the ride will be the signs identifying streets named “Maple”, either in whole or in part (such as “Maplewood”). We’ll seek out a sample of the numerous such streets in our urban area and joyfully ride our bikes upon them. Of course, you are also welcome to sneak a peek at the colorful trees which line our route.

The Maple Ride will meet at Iverson Park near the slide set on Saturday 9/29 at 12:45 PM. (The slide set sits in a woodchip area next to the north parking lot and will be pretty obvious once you see it.)

We will cover 13 miles while riding slowly on calm streets and multi-use paths. There will be a rest stop in a park about halfway through the ride, and you are welcome to bring a snack to enjoy there.

The weather forecast for Saturday shows lots of sun and pleasant temperatures. On such a beautiful Fall day, your bicycle is just begging to be taken out for a ride. I’m looking forward to sharing a splendid afternoon with plenty of Poky Pedalers.

For more info about the Maple Ride, click here.

If you are curious about letting your child ride (versus towing her/him in a trailer), see the “Are Poky Pedals Family Friendly?” FAQ page for more info.

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