Is Your Soap Manufactured Using a Bicycle-Powered Soap Blender?

I stopped by the Stevens Point Area Co-op this afternoon and came upon a brand of soap that calls itself “the pedal-powered natural soap”.

The Just Soap Bicycle-Powered Soap Blender (image from website)

Just Soap is made using what it calls a “one-of-a-kind bicycle-powered soap blender”. According to the Just Soap website, founder Frederick Breeden wanted to find an efficient and eco-friendly method of mixing soap. After sharing his vision with a bike builder, the bicycle blender became reality.

The website mentions that the bicycle blender enables larger batches of handmade soap to be made. This is not only eco-friendly, but it allows Just Soap to “keep our prices lower”.

It sounds like making soap can be a pretty good workout. On the FAQ page of the Just Soap website, it says that a batch of soap requires 3 hours of pedaling, and as the soap thickens over the last 30 minutes, “the pedaling gets quite difficult”.

After learning the story behind Just Soap, I just had to pick up a couple of bars of their soap. Who can resist the prospect of having a bit of Bike Fun every time you wash your hands?

You can read more about Just Soap, the products they offer, and their bicycle-powered soap blender here.

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