Bike Fun in 2013 – What to Expect from PPSP

Regular PPSP readers have noticed that the flow of bikey news has slowed since mid-fall. But that doesn’t mean that PPSP hasn’t been busy planning more Bike Fun for 2013.

Although I haven’t written many new posts recently, I have been updating my Twitter feed with Tweets containing links to notable bikey news stories, blog posts, and pictures created by others. You can read the latest Tweets at the bottom of the column to the right – click on the embedded link to see the write-up or picture I have shared. To see all my past Tweets, simply click on the “Latest Tweets” link (there is no need to sign up or log into Twitter in order to read these). You’ll be presented with a stream of interesting bike-oriented stuff there – some from Wisconsin, some from across the US, and some from other countries.

The frequency of new PPSP blog posts will probably start to pick up in the next couple of weeks, as I will have opportunities to participate in some notable bicycle advocacy activities. I’ll alert you to when these will take place in case you want to attend. And I’ll share my experiences after taking part in them.

If you’re thinking that bicycle advocacy seems too serious a topic for a blog about Bike Fun, keep in mind that Poky Pedalers need safe streets and quality bicycle infrastructure in order to share Bike Fun. Being a Poky Pedaling advocate is just another way to encourage Bike Fun to flourish.

Speaking of Bike Fun, I’ve made substantial progress creating all-new Poky Pedals that will make up PPSP’s 2013 Bike Fun Calendar. I’ve created a new historically-themed Bike Fun event highlighting Stevens Point’s past. You can expect another Poke-Around Ride pointing out whimsical features of our urban area. The wildly popular Maple Ride will return in the fall. Poky Pedaling Potluck Picnics will again take place the third Tuesday of each month from May to August.

The 2013 Bike Fun Calendar will include all this Bike Fun and more. Look for it sometime in early spring.

So, PPSP has been pretty busy planning Bike Fun for 2013. Be sure to get your bike or trike or whatever you pedal ready to ride so you can share in all the Bike Fun to come.

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