New Feature on the PPSP Website: Speak Your Poky

Over the past month, a few projects which will have substantial influence on Stevens Point bicycle infrastructure have been gaining steam. The direction in which these projects move will be influenced greatly by public input.

Poky Pedaling Stevens Point is all about Bike Fun. One major attraction of Bike Fun is that it provides a setting where Poky Pedalers can enjoy the company of other Poky Pedalers while realizing how normal it is to use a bicycle to get around our urban area.

It is unfortunate that many of our local streets are configured without adequately attending to the needs of Poky Pedalers. 100 years ago, pretty much everyone considered bicycling and walking to be normal ways to get around. Since that time many people, including elected officials, seem to have forgotten this. Poky Pedalers are in a position to remind folks that we need safe, comfortable, and convenient streets to ride bicycles for commuting, for shopping, for visiting friends, for outings with our families. And for Bike Fun.

To help Poky Pedalers voice their opinions, I’ve created a new choice on the top menu bar of the PPSP website called “Speak Your Poky”. Click on this to see a list of projects that will affect our bicycling environment. Click on a project from this list to see a page I’ve created with lots of useful info:

  • general status of the project,
  • schedules and locations for upcoming project meetings,
  • opportunities for public input,
  • a list of PPSP posts about the project, including meeting reports and project highlights.

Check the “Speak Your Poky” pages regularly to stay informed and to find out how you can express your opinions about bicycling in the Stevens Point urban area.

A balanced transportation system accommodating foot traffic, bicycles, cars, trucks, and busses will serve Stevens Point well while allowing each citizen to choose the transportation mode that works best for them. Decision makers need to hear from Poky Pedalers so that the bicycle infrastructure that gets built will adequately meet the needs of Poky Pedalers.

You’ve enjoyed the company of other Poky Pedalers while sharing Bike Fun, so you know there are lots of Poky Pedalers in our city. If we each remind our leaders that a bicycle is a normal way to get from A to B, we can make progress towards that balanced transportation system.

If this sounds like something you want to see happen in Stevens Point, then it is up to you to “Speak Your Poky”.

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