My first bicycle ride of the spring

Today, I was finally inspired by the weather to hop on a bike. I’m delighted that I did. It’s just plain fun to ride a bike.

In the snowy weather months, I walk pretty much all my local errands. I do not own a bike suitable for icy roads – something I hope to rectify before next winter. Fortunately, my usual destinations are all within a couple of miles of where I live, I enjoy walking, and I have time to walk.

But this doesn’t mean that I don’t miss hopping on a bike to get around during the winter.

I’ve been waiting for a good day to run an errand on the far east side of town, and with today’s sunny weather and temps approaching 50 degrees, I decided that today was the day. The bike I usually ride, a Breezer Uptown 8, needs a bit of maintenance, so instead I rode my Brompton folding bike. It has been stored indoors all winter – a great convenience of a folding bike – and merely needed some air in the tires before riding off.

I ended up riding a round trip of about 10 miles. It felt really good to be back on a bicycle with the sun shining down. I didn’t even mind the headwind I faced all the way back. There’s just a good feeling I get riding a bike that is missing when walking, taking transit, or driving a motor vehicle.

Over the weekend, I see the forecast is for more sun with temps approaching 70 degrees. I have a feeling pretty much all of Stevens Point will cancel all plans for indoor activity and will be out and about to embrace the good weather. And I anticipate that a large number will be out and about on bikes.

Poky Pedalers might want to get their bikes out of storage and pump up the tires in anticipation of the weekend. Whether it’s just a couple of miles on the Green Circle or a longer journey getting reacquainted with our wonderful network of calm streets, a bike ride on a nice sunny day will certainly lift your spirits.

It’s just plain fun to ride a bike.

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