Weather Updates for Poky Pedaling Potluck Picnic

Check this post for all weather-related updates about Tuesday’s Poky Pedaling Potluck Picnic.

Update Tuesday May 21, 4 PM

The forecast still says the chance of a storm is low. Looking outside, it’s pretty hard to feel certain one way or the other.

The PPPP will take place this afternoon as scheduled. After our food store stop, we will head to a nicely sheltered park spot with benches for our picnic. Once we get there, there should be no problem if a bit a rain falls during our feast.

Looking forward to our Bike Fun.

Update Tuesday May 21, 8 AM

There is substantial improvement in the weather forecast. Rain for this afternoon is now unlikely. It looks like it will be a great day for a Poky Pedaling Potluck Picnic.

I won’t post another weather update unless a substantial turn for the worse seems imminent.

I hope lots of Poky Pedalers show up for Bike Fun today!

Update Monday May 20, 4:30 PM

The weather forecast has improved a bit for tomorrow’s PPPP. But a chance of thunderstorms in the late afternoon is still being predicted.

I wouldn’t be surprised to see that tomorrow is generally sunny and rainless all day, just like today, yet we might still be unsure at 5:15 PM whether there would be severe weather or not.

Although missing out on Bike Fun would be sad, I will cancel the PPPP if it is apparent that we would be bicycling through bad weather.

I’ll post a weather update by noon tomorrow and another at around 4PM. If there is any reasonable chance that weather conditions will be OK for riding, then I will be happy to share Bike Fun on the PPPP. I’m considering a shortened route to a sheltered park location with benches, just to be sure we can enjoy our picnic even if storms arise.

Check back on this post tomorrow for more updates on tomorrow’s weather and the status of the PPPP.

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