Special event this Friday: PPSP presentation at MREA Energy Fair

The Midwest Renewable Energy Association’s incredible Energy Fair takes place this weekend in Custer, about 10 miles east of Stevens Point. During the opening day Friday June 21, Bob Fisch, Chief Bike Fun Officer of Poky Pedaling Stevens Point, will give a 45-minute presentation entitled “Bike Fun: An Unorthodox Approach to Bicycle Advocacy”. This presentation starts at noon in the Brown tent.

This presentation is an opportunity to learn more about Poky Pedaling Stevens Point, both from a Bike Fun viewpoint as well as from a bicycle advocacy viewpoint. My hope is that attendees, most of whom are likely to be Poky Pedalers (because most people overall are Poky Pedalers), will be both enlightened and entertained by my presentation.

From a Bike Fun point of view, I’ll define Bike Fun and how it manifests itself here in Stevens Point as well as in other cities. I’ll describe what Poky Pedaling Stevens Point is all about and what typically happens during a Poky Pedal. I’ll also present some statistics and highlights from last year’s Poky Pedals.

From a bicycle advocacy point of view, I’ll explain that emphasizing Bike Fun is an effective way of encouraging people to ride bicycles more often. I’ll connect this concept to creating safer streets and encouraging better bicycle infrastructure. To illustrate these concepts in practice, I’ll cite how Bike Fun in Portland, OR was the key catalyst to it becoming the top-ranked bicycle city in the US.

I’ll also discuss the PPSP blog and how it keeps Poky Pedalers informed about bikey happenings locally and in other cities, including the implementation of state-of-the-art bicycle infrastructure elsewhere. In addition, the PPSP blog serves as a voice for Poky Pedalers, an important tool for shifting attitudes towards the plain truth that Poky Pedaling is real bicycling. This is a key step towards encouraging civic leaders to choose to balance transportation priorities among all road users, whether they walk, bicycle, or drive a motor vehicle.

I hope this outline sounds interesting and provides you with some encouragement to come listen to my presentation this Friday. For some more info, check out the PPSP Upcoming Poky Pedals page.

Note that the MREA Energy Fair does have an entrance fee and that my presentation is one of dozens taking place during the day. There are lots of opportunities to learn more about renewable energy from a vast number of vendors and experts. There are also several musical performances during the day and into the evening. All the relevant info can be found on the MREA Energy Fair website here.

The Energy Fair is always a fun time. Add some Bike Fun into the mix by stopping by the Brown tent at noon Friday to hear my presentation. I look forward to seeing lots of Poky Pedalers there.

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