Share Bike Fun this weekend on the Ornamental Water Well Bell-Ringer Ride

On the heels of my MREA Energy Fair presentation on Friday, PPSP will be sharing more Bike Fun this weekend. The Ornamental Water Well Bell-Ringer Ride is scheduled for Saturday June 22 at 12:45 PM starting from Little Plover River Park in Plover near the tennis courts.

We’ll ride an 8 mile loop on calm streets and non-motorized paths in Plover looking for ornamental water wells situated in residents’ front yards. Poky Pedalers will discover that off the busy thoroughfares, Plover has some wonderful neighborhood streets to bicycle on.

PPSP has named the ornamental water well as the Official Lawn Ornament of Plover. In celebration of these festive and plentiful urban decorations, we’ll gleefully ring our bike bells as we pass each one by.

About halfway through the ride we have the option to stop at a park for a short break, so feel free to bring a snack either for yourself or to share with the group. Just before that break, we’ll stop at a convenience store for those who want to purchase a snack or drink to carry a few blocks to the park.

The ride is free, as are all Poky Pedals. Simply show up with your bicycle at the starting time and place and be ready to share Bike Fun.

It is not required to have a bicycle bell to ride, but you’ll have more Bike Fun if you do. Bike bells are relatively cheap and easy to install. They are also pretty handy when you need to signal your presence to others. Stop by a bike shop and I suspect they’ll be happy to mount your purchase on your bike right then.

Because the weather forecast at this point (Thursday at 2PM) looks rather ominous for Saturday afternoon, I suggest Poky Pedalers keep an eye on this blog or my Twitter feed for weather related announcements. I’ll try to post an update tomorrow (Friday), but I’ll be in Custer at the Energy Fair all day and am unsure if I’ll have internet access. I’ll certainly post a weather update Saturday morning, probably around 9AM or earlier.

The rain date is Sunday – same place at 12:45 PM. Although Sunday’s forecast looks a little better, it doesn’t look too promising either. Hopefully Poky Pedalers can be flexible about when we ride. It will certainly be warm either day, so if the chance of thunderstorms is small we might settle for enjoying Bike Fun in a comfortable and refreshing light drizzle.

You can find more info about the ride here. Whether on Saturday or on Sunday, I look forward to sharing Bike Fun with you.

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