Weather Update (9:15 AM Sat): Bike Fun today will ride as scheduled

9:15 AM Saturday: Today’s Ornamental Water Well Bell-Ringer Ride will take place as scheduled. We’ll meet at 12:45 PM today (Saturday) at Little Plover River Park before heading out on an 8-mile loop ride. See this post for more detail about the ride.

There is a reasonable chance that we might get a sprinkle or some light rain during our ride. With temperatures predicted for the low 80’s, a bit of rain can be refreshing and enhance our Bike Fun.

I’ve been considering the possibility of postponing the ride until Sunday, but the forecast for tomorrow is no better. In fact, uncomfortably warm temps and moderate winds are predicted for Sunday with the same likelihood of rain and storms. There seems to be no advantage to waiting a day, which is why I’ve decided to hold the ride as scheduled on Saturday.

I’ll continue to monitor the forecast this morning. My main concern is not so much about rain as the potential for thunderstorms. Right now, the forecast indicates the storm potential is low between 1PM and 3PM when we’ll be riding. While out riding, if the weather turns substantially worse, we should never be particularly far from a sheltered location (such as a park shelter) to head to and wait it out.

Depending on the weather conditions and group interest, we might skip the rest/snack stop currently planned for the ride.

There are two philosophies about dressing for rain while bicycling. One is to put on waterproof gear and try to stay dry. The other is to simply plan to get wet and to wear clothes that are comfortable in damp conditions. In the warm temps we’re expecting, I’ll probably trend towards the latter.

If there is any notable change to the forecast, I’ll update this post with more info. So consider checking back here just before you head out. Rainy or not, I look forward to sharing Bike Fun with you.

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