Bike Fun Report: July Poky Pedaling Potluck Picnic

Another evening of Bike Fun was shared on yesterday’s Poky Pedaling Potluck Picnic. Despite the heat earlier in the day, five Poky Pedalers enjoyed what turned out to be pleasant bike riding weather as we casually travelled to our picnic destination.

From Goerke Park, we rode calm streets and a path through Schmeeckle Reserve that were largely shaded. Some threatening clouds blocked the sun while only dropping the lightest of sprinkles, all of which alleviated the heat. After about a 4 mile ride, we arrived at Hein Park just north of Park Ridge where we enjoyed our yummy picnic.

One Poky Pedaler informed us that Hein Park was named after a local insurance salesperson with whom his father was a business partner. It always enhances our Bike Fun when we learn tidbits of information about our local landmarks.

When we had our fill of food and conversation, we rode back to Goerke Park. On the way, we took a brief side trip to visit a “secret” cemetery that doesn’t border any streets. It is right behind the Walgreens on Main St. I have been told by others that it is part of Guardian Angel Cemetery, the large cemetery that occupies most of the area bounded by Main, Wilshire, Prais, and Frontenac. Yet the cemetery we visited is noncontiguous to that main portion of Guardian Angel.  One other curious feature of the area we visited is that it lies within Park Ridge, where as the main portion of Guardian Angel lies in Stevens Point. If any readers can fill in details about the history of this “secret” cemetery and its curious siting, I would certainly be interested in learning about that.

Five more Poky Pedals remain, so there is still lots of Bike Fun to share between now and October. Your next opportunity is this Saturday on the Influential Citizen Ride. You can find the basic info about that Poky Pedal here, and I’ll give more details in a blog post very soon.

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