Historical Bike Fun on Saturday: Mosey Creek and its infamous relationship to Stevens Point

Poky Pedalers will learn some Stevens Point history, and perhaps revive a few old memories, on Saturday’s Poky Pedal entitled “Whatever Happened to Mosey Creek?”

We will meet in the Schmeeckle Reserve Visitor Center parking lot at 12:45 PM on Saturday September 14. From there, our Bike Fun will take us on a 10 mile bicycle ride following the former and current paths of Mosey Creek. For those who wish to pedal the 3 miles back to the starting point, the full ride will be a 13-mile loop.

Our route will stay on calm streets and non-motorized paths. We ride slowly – usually around 6 MPH – and stay in one group. All Poky Pedals are free and there are no signups. Simply show up at the start with your bicycle and be ready for Bike Fun.

Our Poky Pedal will visit numerous places significant in the history of Mosey Creek, more commonly known today as Moses Creek. At each stop, I’ll give a piece of the history relevant to that location.

Poky Pedalers will hear stories about the ambiguous naming of the creek, where it flowed in the mid-1800’s, urban flooding issues in the 1920’s and 1970’s, the recent restoration project in Schmeeckle Reserve, and the current path of the creek in underground pipes. A handout will include old pictures of the Slough and the downtown pumping station, as well as maps of Stevens Point spanning over a century.

The history of the growth of Stevens Point over the past 150+ years is intimately intertwined with the flooding problems caused by this infamous creek. Poky Pedalers will learn that Mosey Creek is still relevant in decisions about future growth of our urban area.

The current forecast is sunshine and pleasant temps in the high 60’s. All in all, it should be a superlative day for a Poky Pedal. I look forward to sharing Bike Fun with a plethora of Poky Pedalers on Saturday.

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