Weather update (6:30 PM Friday): Maple Ride postponed until Sunday, forecast to be “mostly sunny”

Friday 6:30 PM: The Maple Ride, originally scheduled for Saturday, has been postponed until Sunday (10/6). We will meet at 12:45 PM at Iverson Park.

The weather forecast for Saturday is, in a word, rain. Lots of rain. That’s enough about Saturday.

Sunday, on the other hand, shows a substantially improved forecast, calling for mostly sunny skies, temps in the upper 50’s, and a light wind. This sounds like a classic brisk fall day that should be excellent for the Maple Ride.

Bundling up with a scarf and an extra layer might be a good idea, but we should have an excellent afternoon of Bike Fun looking for streets named “Maple”.

For more information, you can read the blog post about the Maple Ride here. The listing of upcoming Poky Pedals and the 2013 Bike Fun Calendar are other places to get info.

I won’t post another weather update unless the forecast for Sunday takes a significant turn for the worse. Even if Saturday’s rain somehow magically vanishes, the Maple Ride is still rescheduled for Sunday. Poky Pedalers can now rearrange your weekend schedules so you can share Bike Fun one more time in 2013 with PPSP.

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