Volunteers needed to collect bicycling and walking data in the Stevens Point area

It is time once again to count people biking and walking in Stevens Point, Whiting, Plover, and other areas of Portage County. The Portage County Planning and Zoning Dept has been gathering such data in the spring and fall over the past several years. PPSP has regularly volunteered since these counts began.

Taking such counts over many years permits county planners to observe trends in transportation choices. Data displaying a statistical increase in biking and walking over time is useful for justifing spending on accommodations for these modes.

With the recent passage of the county bike/ped plan, there is additional benefit of these counts. As plan recommendations become implemented, increases in bicycling and walking can help maintain momentum for continued plan implementation.

Poky Pedalers can assist with this effort by volunteering to count for a few hours on Tuesday May 6. Counts will take place that day from 3:30 – 5:30 PM at intersections all over the Stevens Point urban area, as well as a few other locations around Portage County. The sooner you signup to volunteer, the more likely you will be able to choose the counting location most convenient for you.

The mechanics of how to count the turning patterns of people biking and walking can be learned in a few minutes. It is OK to signup with a friend and work together to count at the same location.

If you can volunteer on May 6 to collect biking and walking data for Portage County, contact Sarah Wallace of the Portage County Planning and Zoning Dept. at 715-346-1334. You can also e-mail her at wallaces(at)co(dot)portage(dot)wi(dot)us.

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