Dust Off Your Bike Week offers free community bicycle rides for everyone

In the Stevens Point area, there are thousands of bicycles that have been gathering dust for quite some time. In the spirit of spring cleaning, Dust Off Your Bike Week, May 10-15, will motivate area residents to get those bicycles rolling again.

Presented by Point Area Bicycle Service (PABS) and Poky Pedaling Stevens Point (PPSP), Dust Off Your Bike Week offers several free bicycle rides and classes to encourage everyone to experience the joy of riding their bicycle.

If there is anything more fun than riding bikes, it is riding bikes with other people who like riding bikes. That’s what Dust Off Your Bike Week is all about. There are rides for everyone: slow, fast, young, old, newbie, pro, and anyone in-between. So Dust Off Your Bike and come join the fun.

The schedule for Dust Off Your Bike Week appears below. More information including brief descriptions of each ride can be found here.

All events meet at PABS (except for the Slide Ride). PABS is located at 1311 Strongs Ave. in downtown Stevens Point between Main St and Clark St.

Sat May 10 @ 10 AM – Get That Darn Seat Adjusted Ride
Free minor bike tweaks before a 5-mile urban ride

Sun May 11 @ 2 PM – Slide Ride for Kids
Share kid-carrying tips with other parents
Meets at Pfiffner Park duck pond footbridge

Mon May 12 @ 9 PM – Moonlight Ride
Magical 13 or 25 mile ride under a near-full moon

Tue May 13 @ 6 PM – Fix-a-Flat Class
Hands-on practice with old tubes, tires, and wheels

Wed May 14 @ 5:15 PM – Poky Pizza Pedal
Launch of the PPSP 2014 Bike Fun Calendar

Thu May 15 @ 6 PM – Average Jane/Joe Rural Road Ride
Under 15 miles at 12 MPH pace

If you have a bike, you should plan to be part of Dust Off Your Bike Week. And if you don’t have a bike, go get one so you can share in the fun.

Get summer started with Dust Off Your Bike Week. It’s gonna be awesome. And it’s all free!

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