First-ever Poky Pizza Pedal on Wednesday kicks off the 2014 Bike Fun Calendar

That long wait through a tough Wisconsin winter in anticipation of Bike Fun is almost over. The first Poky Pedal of 2014 will be the Poky Pizza Pedal this Wednesday.

Poky Pizza Pedals are a new monthly ride for Poky Pedaling Stevens Point. Starting from Point Area Bicycle Service (PABS), we will ride a 4-mile urban loop on calm streets and non-motorized paths. That loop will end at a downtown pizza place where Poky Pedalers can enjoy food, beverage, and conversation.

The inaugural Poky Pizza Pedal is on Wednesday May 14 meeting at 5:15 PM. All Poky Pizza Pedals will start at PABS, 1311 Strongs Ave downtown between Main St and Clark St (one block south of Shopko). If your tires are a little low, John the bicycle wizard at PABS will be happy to pump air into them at no charge. (Thanks, John.)

Sun and temps near 60 degrees is what the forecast calls for. Ignore today’s gloom and rain, because it will be a pleasant day for Bike Fun on Wednesday.

The loop we ride on Poky Pizza Pedals will change each month, as will the pizza place we end up at. But our pizza destination will always be within a block or two of where we start.

Poky Pedalers can expect Poky Pizza Pedals to be organized just like any other Poky Pedal. We’ll review traffic rules and tips at the start, we’ll ride in one group at the pace of the slowest, and we’ll share Bike Fun together.

You can get more info about what to expect during a Poky Pizza Pedal here. If you are new to PPSP, you can also read the FAQ topics from the menu above. In particular, I recommend reading the Are Poky Pedals Family Friendly? page for a more general discussion of what to expect during a Poky Pedal.

Wednesday’s Poky Pizza Pedal is free, just like all other Poky Pedals. At the pizza place, you are welcome to order any food or beverage you please – eating pizza is not a requirement – or not order anything and simply enjoy socializing with our crowd of Poky Pedalers. Please bring cash to purchase whatever food or beverage you prefer.

If you have a lock for your bicycle, bringing it is a good idea. We’ll lock up to whatever racks are available, or we might lock several bikes to each other in front of our pizza place if necessary. If you don’t have a lock, I’m pretty certain someone will be able to lock your bike up to theirs, so don’t let that prevent you from joining in the Bike Fun.

As an added bonus, we will be joined on Wednesday by Stevens Point Journal reporter B.C. Kowalski. He sent a Tweet saying that he will be sharing Bike Fun with us. Why not? After all, everyone deserves Bike Fun, even newspaper journalists.

Fourteen Poky Pedals will put smiles on our faces between now and October. You can get the full 2014 Bike Fun Calendar here. And it all starts on Wednesday.

I look forward to sharing Bike Fun will all Poky Pedalers.

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