Poky Pedaling Potluck Picnic on Tuesday is next opportunity for Bike Fun

[Weather update – 4 PM Tue 6/17: The forecast for this evening has improved slightly from earlier today. There is little chance of rain before 7 PM, and heavy rain is unlikely before midnight. It should be a nice evening for the PPPP: around 80 degrees, light-to-moderate wind, at least partly sunny. It still seems prudent to try to return to Goerke Park by around 7 PM. Therefore, we’ll head out on the PPPP promptly at 5:30 PM and ride a shortened route to a sheltered spot for our picnic – that will give us the best chance to enjoy Bike Fun and avoid any nasty weather. I look forward to sharing Bike Fun with you soon.]

The next Poky Pedal is Tuesday’s Poky Pedaling Potluck Picnic. This monthly Bike Fun excursion will meet at Goerke Park near the entrance to the swimming pool. Be there with your bicycle at 5:15 PM on Tuesday June 17. The PPPP is free, just like all Poky Pedals, and all Poky Pedalers are welcome.

From Goerke Park, we will ride 3 to 5 miles on calm streets and non-motorized paths to a mystery park location. You can either bring a picnic contribution from home, or you can plan to purchase something at the food store stop en route. If you aren’t sure how to carry stuff on your bicycle, we’ll figure something out or else make room on someone else’s bike.

When our picnic is complete, we will ride back to Goerke Park. We should be back well before dark, probably before 7:30 PM.

Those who haven’t been on a Poky Pedaling Potluck Picnic can read this page for more information and some ideas for picnic contributions.

As of mid-day Sunday, the weather forecast for Tuesday late-afternoon looks ambiguously ominous. The forecast is a coin-flip for rain and thunderstorms with temperatures in the 80’s. It is certainly possible that the forecast will remain this way into Tuesday afternoon. I will post weather-related updates on the PPSP blog and Twitter feed on Monday and Tuesday, so keep coming back to the blog for the latest.

My gut feeling is that in the absence of rain and threatening conditions at 5-ish on Tuesday, the Poky Pedaling Potluck Picnic will ride as scheduled. Our picnic location will likely be at a sheltered location in case it starts to rain while we are out riding. We could get a little damp while biking, but we’ll stay dry during our picnic.

For now, we’ll just hope the weather cooperates so we can all share storm-free Bike Fun on Tuesday. Check out the Upcoming Poky Pedals page and the 2014 Bike Fun Calendar to keep informed about all the Bike Fun you can share with PPSP in the weeks and months to come.

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