Saturday’s Poke-Around Ride will showcase the Village of Whiting

[Weather update 7 AM Fri 6/20: Little change in the forecast from yesterday. Maybe a little drizzle, but storms unlikely. See you tomorrow.]

Our next Poky Pedal will be the Poke-Around Ride – Whiting this Saturday. We’ll meet in Koziczkowski Park near the volleyball court on Saturday June 21 at 12:45 PM. From there, we’ll head off on an 11-mile loop on calm streets and non-motorized paths all around the Village of Whiting.

As typical for Poke-Around Rides, Poky Pedalers can expect to admire scenic streets and paths, learn a bit of Whiting history, and be amused by whimsical displays throughout the village. We’ll cheat a bit and expand our exploration slightly beyond the village boundaries. When it comes to Bike Fun, sometimes one simply has to bend the rules.

whiting map pic

Here’s where we’ll be exploring Saturday on the Poke-Around Ride – Whiting

The topics we’ll learn about include McDillville, ospreys, native mounds, M60 battle tanks, oak wilt, and the history of the McDill Pond dam. Our wanderings will indeed stumble upon exhibits of each of these and more.

We’ll stop for munchies twice during our Poky Pedal. Our first snack stop about half-way through has more snacky stuff to offer. But we’ll probably make that a shorter stop because a few miles later we’ll stop at a far more scenic location – an exceptionally beautiful spot, actually – with treats (as opposed to snacks) available.

For those who don’t know where Koziczkowski Park is, it is on McDill Pond just northeast of the intersection of Post Rd and Minnesota Ave (which is about half-a-mile north of the major intersection of Post Rd with Hwy HH). If you go north on Minnesota from that intersection, you’ll see a sign for Koziczkowski Park and a possible entrance. If that entrance gate is closed, continue north on Minnesota, turn right on Della St, and turn right on Soo Marie Ave where the other entrance gate is located. The volleyball court near our gathering spot will be pretty easy to find within the park.

The weather forecast for Saturday afternoon calls for some sun and 80 degree temps, but there is a small chance of rain. It appears that any rain is most likely to be only a drizzle, so the Poke-Around Ride – Whiting is very likely to start as scheduled.

I’ll post weather updates to this blog post and to my Twitter feed (visible on the PPSP website) as I am able to between now and Saturday late-morning. I will be at the MREA Energy Fair all day Friday – my presentation is at noon Friday – so my ability to post weather updates before Saturday morning might be limited depending on my internet availability. Keep an eye out for such updates, especially if the forecast takes a major turn for the worse.

Check out the Upcoming Poky Pedals page and the 2014 Bike Fun Calendar for more info about this and all future Poky Pedals.

I look forward to sharing Bike Fun with you on Saturday. I suspect Poky Pedalers will come away with the impression that the Village of Whiting is a far more interesting place than they ever realized.

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