Listen to a free podcast about Bike Fun from Portland, the Bike Fun capital of the world

There is still about a week to go before the next opportunity for Bike Fun with PPSP. For those who might need a Bike Fun fix to bridge the gap since the last Poky Pedal, I can offer you what might be the next best thing: a podcast about Bike Fun.

The BikePortland Podcast this month is all about Bike Fun. Portland, Oregon is where I first experienced Bike Fun about 10 years ago, and my inspiration for the Poky Pedals I’ve created over the past three years stems from my years of enjoying Bike Fun in Portland. I suspect that Poky Pedalers would enjoy listening to a trio of Portlanders discuss their interpretation of Bike Fun and the impact it has on their city.

The BikePortland blog post containing the link to its podcast describes how Bike Fun is “both a pleasant pastime and a potent pillar of cultural change.” Here are a few quotes from that post to whet your appetite for the podcast:

  • “Whether it means dressing up like David Bowie with 400 other people and rolling around Portland with dozens of blaring boomboxes, getting served free breakfast on the bridges during your commute, or learning about local history on an architecture tour by bike, there’s a lot more to bike fun than meets the eye.”
  • “Bike fun does a lot of very important things: it promotes civic literacy; it serves as a gateway drug into everyday bicycling; it’s a force for bike advocacy; it breaks down barriers between ‘those bicyclists’ and the broader community; and much more.”

The podcast is 37 minutes long. Much of the discussion is quite Portland-centric and focuses on their 24-day festival of 300+ Bike Fun rides called Pedalpalooza. But that shouldn’t hamper your appreciation of topics such as how to manage hundreds of costumed people riding bicycles – many towing sound systems – on a Bowie vs. Prince ride, or why bicycles are an optimal vehicle for learning a city’s history, or how fun is the best motivator for encouraging more people to ride bicycles.

And as you listen, I suspect several comments will remind you of things you’ve experienced during Poky Pedals. This is because PPSP is strongly influenced by my experiences within Portland’s bike culture. And Portland, the city that spawned impossible-to-describe-you-simply-have-to-experience-it-for-yourself Pedalpalooza, is undoubtedly the Bike Fun capital of the world.

You can access the BikePortland podcast from this blog post. Simply scroll down to the imbedded Libsyn app towards the bottom of the post and click the play button. I hope you enjoy listening to experts from Portland talk about Bike Fun. This should tide you over until we can all share Bike Fun on next week’s Poky Pizza Pedal.

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