Special mystery guest to highlight Wednesday’s Poky Pizza Pedal

The next Poky Pizza Pedal is this Wednesday. Our Bike Fun will take us on a 4-mile urban loop on calm streets and non-motorized paths and return to a downtown pizza place. Our route and destination changes each month so that Poky Pedalers can enjoy the variety of what our city has to offer. If you don’t know what to expect on a Poky Pizza Pedal, you can read this page for more information.

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Our special mystery guest is neither David Byrne nor Katy Perry, but maybe they’ll join us on a future Poky Pizza Pedal

We will meet at Point Area Bicycle Service (PABS) at 5:15 PM on Wednesday July 9. PABS is at 1311 Strongs Ave, one block south of the downtown Shopko. John, the owner and bicycle virtuoso at PABS, will be happy to pump some air into your tires before we head out. (Thanks, John.) The Poky Pizza Pedal is free and all Poky Pedalers are welcome.

I have learned that we will be honored by a special mystery guest on Wednesday’s Poky Pizza Pedal. I won’t reveal who it will be, but our guest is a key person in an organization actively working to make Wisconsin one of the best places in the world to ride a bike. (For those hoping that our mystery guest might be, say, the star of your favorite movie, well… I’ll get to work on that. Maybe next Poky Pedal.)

So if you are curious how you can help make bicycling better in our area and around the state, you’ll have an opportunity to ride along with a rather influential individual who will gladly listen to your interests and concerns and let you know how you can make a difference.

When we arrive at our pizza destination, we’ll lock up to whatever racks, poles, etc., that are available. Bringing a lock is a good idea, but if you don’t have one we’ll arrange to get multiple bikes locked together with those available.

Our pizza destination has a variety of menu items available for those whose preference is something other than pizza. Please bring cash, as that is the most convenient way to allow you to pay for what you eat and drink. And if you don’t want food or drink and simply want to socialize with other Poky Pedalers, you are certainly welcome to join us as well.

The weather forecast calls for mostly sun and pleasant temperatures in the 70’s. It’s gonna be another beautiful evening for a Poky Pizza Pedal. I look forward to sharing Bike Fun with Poky Pedalers – and our special mystery guest – on Wednesday.

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