The cultured side of Bike Fun returns this Saturday on the Tiny Museum Ride

PPSP will once again share Bike Fun on the Tiny Museum Ride. This popular theme from two years ago is returning this Saturday, when we’ll visit a new collection of Stevens Point tiny museums.

We’ll meet on Saturday July 19 at 12:45 PM in Goerke Park near the entrance to the public swimming pool. From there, we’ll ride an 8-mile loop on calm streets and non-motorized paths, stopping along the way to visit several local tributes to history, nature, art, and science. This Poky Pedal is free, and there is no admission charge to visit any of the museums.

At each museum, we’ll explore the exhibits for about 30 minutes, maybe a bit more or a bit less depending on interest. At two of the museums, we should have an expert available to give us a tour, create some context about what we’re viewing, and provide some details about the highlights.

Bringing a bike lock is a good idea, since we’ll be inside buildings where we won’t be able to see our bicycles. If you don’t have a lock, don’t sweat it – we’ll arrange to lock multiple bikes together as necessary.

In total, we should be out for about 3 hours and return to Goerke Park at around 4 PM. Those who can only spend an hour or two are certainly welcome to share Bike Fun at the earlier museums before departing early.

Some Poky Pedalers might be surprised to discover that Stevens Point has so many museums. Indeed, it has quite a few. (We might stretch the concept of ‘museum’ a tad, but for the sake of Bike Fun, I suspect Poky Pedalers are willing to overlook such technicalities.) While a few of the museums we visit may be familiar to many Poky Pedalers, I suspect one of our destinations is a museum that few, if any, are aware of.

The weather forecast calls for a nice, sunny day with temperatures in the 70’s. A pleasant day of bike-riding and museum-hopping makes for great Bike Fun, so you certainly don’t want to miss the Tiny Museum Ride. I look forward to sharing Bike Fun with all Poky Pedalers on Saturday.

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