Bike Fun Report: Influential Citizen Ride

On a beautiful sunny fall-like afternoon, 27 Poky Pedalers learned about figures from Stevens Point’s past on the Influential Citizen Ride. Starting from Pfiffner Park, we rode a 13-mile loop visiting 10 locations commemorating the ten most influential citizens in the history of Stevens Point, as determined by a popular vote during the city’s 150th birthday in 2008.

inf cit rest stop

Poky Pedalers enjoying the rest stop at the Dreyfus University Center during the Influential Citizen Ride

Our ride took us to Bukolt Park, St Joseph Congregational Home, Schmeeckle Reserve, Lake Joanis, Dreyfus University Center, PJ Jacobs Junior High School, KB Willett Arena, Ellis St, Iverson Park, and the Ruth Gilfry Center. At each location, a brief biography was given of the influential citizen it was named after. (Reverend Mother Mary Felicia Jaskulski does not have a namesake location; the St Joseph Congregational Home is the former academy and convent of the Sisters of St Joseph, built under her leadership.)

The final stop was the mural facing Strongs Ave at Clark St depicting these ten most influential citizens: John J Bukolt, Reverend Mother Mary Felicia Jaskulski, Fred Schmeeckle, John Joanis, Lee Sherman Dreyfus, Peter James Jacobs, Kenneth B Willett, Albert G Ellis, Jules Iverson, and Ruth Gilfrey. This mural on the side of Kristin’s Riverwalk was painted by Kelly Meredith in 2008 as part of Stevens Point’s sesquicentennial celebration.

inf cit mural pic karen

“Stevens Point’s Ten Most Influential Citizens” mural on the side of Kristin’s Riverwalk (photo credit: Karen Hoffman)

From all I spoke with, Poky Pedalers greatly enjoyed hearing stories about these figures who shaped our city and made it such a great place to live, work, learn, and play. Coupled with gorgeous skies and plentiful sunshine that kept us comfortable, it was a spectacular afternoon filled with Bike Fun.

Only one more Poky Pedal, the annual Maple Ride, remains for 2014. After that, it is a long wait until spring for more Bike Fun with PPSP. So take a peek at the 2014 Bike Fun Calendar and the Upcoming Poky Pedals page to get all the info on it.

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