PPSP celebrates its 3rd anniversary

Feel free to sing a chorus of “Happy Birthday” because today is the third anniversary for Poky Pedaling Stevens Point.

The PPSP blog went live on May 2, 2012. A few of the earliest blog posts covered items such as local bike infrastructure, Madison’s all female mini-bike dance troupe, and hot tubs towable by bicycle that were available for rent in Portland, OR. Of course, those early blog posts also announced the first Poky Pedals and recounted their proceedings via the first Bike Fun Reports.

After 32 Poky Pedals, 220 blog posts, and 69 additional informative webpages, PPSP continues to share Bike Fun and inform Poky Pedalers about bikey news. I am grateful that Poky Pedalers have responded so enthusiastically to PPSP over the past three years.

choc ride cake icing karen

It’s PPSP’s birthday, so gotta have some cake! (Photo: K. Hoffman)

As PPSP moves into year four, I am encouraged by the abundance of fresh ideas that generate new Poky Pedals. I put a great deal of creative energy into my Bike Fun planning. That is, of course, part of the responsibility of being the Chief Bike Fun Officer. With each new Bike Fun Calendar, I try to strike a balance between providing novel approaches to Bike Fun and revisiting favorite themes. Considering the growing number of Poky Pedalers sharing Bike Fun with PPSP, I figure I must be doing well at finding that balance.

Bikey news is also a source of encouragement for me. I sense an increased awareness that making transportation bicycling safe, comfortable, and convenient will make Stevens Point a better city. There are organizations such as Portage County CAN and ReVisioning Point that are actively working to make bicycling better.

Many voices in our community are asking our local leaders to strike a fair balance among all transportation modes – walking, bicycling, transit, and driving – as they make decisions about allocation of space in the right-of-way, safe crossings of busy streets, parking policies, and similar topics. Indications suggest that our local leaders are taking meaningful steps in this direction.

I like to think that PPSP is a catalyst for expanding the local conversation about improving transportation bicycling. Whatever the cause, all that matters is that more people are expressing their desires to make bicycling better in Stevens Point. That is the path towards creating a city where everyone from 8- to 80-years-old can feel safe riding bicycles to their local destinations. That is the city I want to live in, and I want Stevens Point to be that city.

Hopefully, the year ahead for PPSP will build on past success. I look forward to sharing more Bike Fun with more Poky Pedalers than ever before. I also look forward to reporting on more bikey news in order to further inform and inspire Poky Pedalers.

But there is plenty of time ahead to focus on these efforts. For today, it is enough to sit back and celebrate PPSP’s third anniversary. Go ahead and sing another chorus of “Happy Birthday” to PPSP. That’s a great way to arouse the inner Bike Fun within every Poky Pedaler.


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