Bike Fun is back! Join us for the Poky Pizza Pedal this Wednesday

Another season of Bike Fun gets underway with the Poky Pizza Pedal this Wednesday. Like the first robin and the first tulip, the first Poky Pedal is a sign that spring has truly arrived.

The Poky Pizza Pedal will meet on Wednesday May 13 at 5:15 PM at Point Area Bicycle Service, located at 1311 Strongs Ave in downtown Stevens Point between Main and Clark. From there, Poky Pedalers will slowly ride bicycles along a 4-mile loop back to a downtown pizza place close to our starting location where we can eat, drink, and socialize.

PABS assembly

Poky Pedalers will again be congregating at PABS anticipating an evening of Bike Fun on the Poky Pizza Pedal

PPSP introduced the monthly Poky Pizza Pedals last year and they proved to be extremely popular. Combining bicycles and pizza is a surefire way to create Bike Fun.

All Poky Pedals are free, and all Poky Pedalers are welcome to share in the Bike Fun. If this will be your first Bike Fun experience with PPSP, you can get more information about what to expect on a Poky Pedal here. And this webpage gives a bit more detail about what happens on a Poky Pizza Pedal.

We mix up the routes travelled and the pizza places visited on each Poky Pizza Pedal. Although our destination is kept secret until our arrival, Poky Pedalers can be certain that our route will stay on calm streets and non-motorized paths.

At our pizza destination, Poky Pedalers can choose to either share in a group order of pizza – both meat-friendly and vegetarian-friendly pizzas will be available – or else order individually off the menu. Please bring cash to cover any food and beverage purchases you make. Those who do not wish to eat or drink are welcome to simply sit and socialize with our assemblage of Poky Pedalers.

Wednesday afternoon looks to be a characteristically lovely spring day. The forecast calls for lots of sun, gentle winds, and no chance of rain with temperatures close to 60 degrees. Although Poky Pedalers might want to wear an extra layer against the coolness, it should be a comfortable evening to enjoy Bike Fun.

Spring has sprung, and Bike Fun is blooming. The first Poky Pizza Pedal of this year will be a great way to complement the singing robins and sprouting tulips all around us. What a great way to kick off the 2015 Bike Fun Calendar. I look forward to sharing Bike Fun with all Poky Pedalers this Wednesday.


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