Inaugural family-friendly TGIF Dessert Ride this Friday may be cancelled due to weather

[Update Friday May 29 at noon: Although the weather forecast for this evening has improved significantly and the threat of thunderstorms has diminished, it still shows an uncomfortably high chance of heavy rain, increasing to about 70-80% right around the time the TGIF Dessert Ride would be taking place. So tonight’s Poky Pedal is officially cancelled.

That being said, if the stormy weather is delayed by even an hour, it could be pleasant between 7 -8 PM for a casual ride along the Wisconsin River. So if it isn’t raining, I will head over to the Stevens Point downtown square at around 7 PM. Any Poky Pedalers who are willing to risk the weather are welcome to find me there for an informal ride up to Bukolt Park.]

This year, PPSP is launching a new monthly Poky Pedal focused on creating a family-friendly event on Friday evenings starting from downtown Stevens Point that highlights our beautiful parks along the Wisconsin River. And eating dessert is part of it too!

The TGIF Dessert Ride is scheduled for Friday May 29 at 7PM starting from the Mathias Mitchell Public Square in the heart of downtown Stevens Point. This is the first of 5 TGIF Dessert Rides through September. You can examine the 2015 Bike Fun Calendar for all the specific dates.

bukolt sunset spacvb pic

The TGIF Dessert Ride is a perfect opportunity to marvel at the setting sun over Bukolt Park (photo credit: Stevens Point Area Convention and Visitors Bureau)

Each TGIF Dessert Ride will head directly over to the non-motorized path along the Wisconsin River, where we’ll ride through Pfiffner Park on our way up to Bukolt Park. We’ll ride the loop around the pond in Bukolt Park, retrace our route back towards a dessert place near our starting location, and enjoy the company of other Poky Pedalers as we culminate our Bike Fun with sweet treats. The total distance is under 3 miles, a distance suitable for Poky Pedalers from 8- to 80-years-old. And those younger and older.

For those looking for a way to entertain their young children on a Friday evening, for those interested in cruising on their bikes along the Wisconsin River and admiring the sunset, and for those simply seeking an excuse to eat dessert, the TGIF Dessert Ride will fit the bill perfectly.

bikes on pfiffner path

Pfiffner Park is one of Stevens Point’s gems, and biking along its path is a relaxing way for Poky Pedalers to appreciate it

Unfortunately, the weather outlook for this Friday evening, from a Bike Fun perspective, is particularly bleak. It appears that over an inch or rain is forecast to fall steadily throughout the day Friday and well into the night. And there is currently a high likelihood over that period that thunderstorms will accompany the rain. So it is probable that this Friday’s TGIF Dessert Ride will be cancelled. If the forecast changes or the clouds part late Friday afternoon, you can look on the PPSP blog to see if we’ll be heading out on our bikes after all on the TGIF Dessert Ride.

Although we may have to wait a month before our inaugural TGIF Dessert Ride, you can get out your calendars now and save the dates for the remaining TGIF Dessert Rides taking place through September. I hope Poky Pedalers are as eager as I am to share Bike Fun on this new series of monthly Poky Pedals.


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