Let Bike Fun get your weekend started on the first-ever TGIF Dessert Ride this Friday

[Update 4:15 PM Fri: Unless a severe storm somehow arises (very unlikely), tonight’s TGIF Dessert Ride will take place even if we get a bit of light rain. The forecast indicates only a 20% chance of precipitation, and only a light sprinkle if that does happen. I realize the clouds out now look more ominous, but we’ll trust the forecast and enjoy our Bike Fun as planned.]

This Friday, Poky Pedalers can share a new type of Bike Fun on the inaugural TGIF Dessert Ride. (We got rained out in May, so this Friday is the first one.) This monthly Poky Pedal, which combines a short bicycle ride, picturesque river views, and a visit to a dessert place, is a terrific way to kickoff the weekend.

The TGIF Dessert Ride will meet at 7PM on the Stevens Point downtown square. (If there is an event taking place on the square, look for us one block north in the MSTC parking lot.) From there, we’ll head over to Pfiffner Park and then soak up the scenic views along the Wisconsin River as we casually ride the riverfront path to Bukolt Park.

boat launch sunset

Poky Pedalers will encounter splendid views like this on the TGIF Dessert Ride before heading back for a little something to satisfy your sweet tooth

After looping around the pond in Bukolt Park, we’ll retrace our path and head towards a dessert place close to our starting location where Poky Pedalers can socialize while enjoying a sweet treat. Total distance is under 3 miles, a distance suitable for all Poky Pedalers from 8- to 80-years-old – and those older and younger as well.

As is the case for all Poky Pedals, the TGIF Dessert Ride is free, and all Poky Pedalers are welcome. Eating dessert is optional, but you should expect to purchase whatever you wish to consume at the dessert place.

TGIF Dessert Rides will be structured a bit more loosely than other Poky Pedals. Because almost the entire ride is on paths providing stunning views of the river, I expect many Poky Pedalers will want to linger in spots along the ride to admire the views. For this reason, we won’t necessarily stay in a single group as we ride at our typically slow pace. The final dessert place will be announced at the start, so regardless of the pace you choose to ride, you’ll be able to catch up with our group of Poky Pedalers there. For Poky Pedalers unfamiliar with the area, maps of our route will be handed out at the start.

If you want to learn more about what to expect on the TGIF Dessert Ride, you can read this webpage.

The weather should cooperate on Friday, as pleasant temperatures are predicted. The sun won’t set until after 8:30 PM, so darkness shouldn’t be a concern on this month’s TGIF Dessert Ride. That being said, Poky Pedalers are always encouraged to equip their bikes with front and rear lights. We will certainly encounter dark conditions during TGIF Dessert Rides later in the year, so Poky Pedalers might as well get prepared now.

Bicycles, beautiful views, and dessert – the TGIF Dessert Ride is gonna be awesome. Bike Fun is a great way to get the weekend going, so Poky Pedalers won’t want to miss out. We’ve had to wait an additional month for this first-ever TGIF Dessert Ride, so more than usual, I am looking forward to sharing Bike Fun with Poky Pedalers this Friday.


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