Scenic, historical, and whimsical exploration of the north side of Plover on Saturday’s Poke-Around Ride

This Saturday, Poky Pedalers have a Bike Fun opportunity that will allow you to explore the northern portion of the Village of Plover.

The Poke-Around Ride – Plover North will meet on Saturday August 15 at 12:45 PM in Little Plover River Park near the tennis courts. From there, we’ll head off on a 12-mile loop bicycle ride on calm streets and non-motorized paths that will highlight scenic, historical, and whimsical spots scattered around the north side of the village.

plover flw house pic

Recognize this notable house? We’ll learn more about it during the Poke-Around Ride – Plover North (photo credit: Wisconsin Historical Society)

Over the course of our ride, we’ll stop at about 15 locations. At some we’ll merely give brief attention before riding on, while at others I’ll share stories and information from archives and other sources I’ve come across. I don’t want to give away too much about what we’ll see, but our stops will include a secret miniature golf spot, a DNR fishery area, and the most elegant cul-de-sac in the county.

Our ride will also allow Poky Pedalers to note the charming neighborhoods we ride through. Away from the busy roadways, Plover has no shortage of calm streets suitable for urban bicycling. This is a feature of Plover often overlooked, and our Poke-Around Ride will expose Poky Pedalers to this pleasant aspect of the village.

The Poke-Around Ride – Plover North is free of charge, and all Poky Pedalers are welcome. Our Poky Pedal will likely last approximately 3 hours, including stops. I’ve planned for a rest stop about halfway through, so Poky Pedalers are encouraged to bring a snack to enjoy there. (Unfortunately, our ride will not be stopping at any establishments where a snack can be purchased.)

If you want more information about what to expect, read the Are Poky Pedals Family Friendly? webpage for further detail about what goes on during a Poky Pedal.

The weather for Saturday will be sunny and in the mid-80’s. Winds are not forecast to be strong, but there should be a gentle breeze to help cool us off. All in all, it should be a pretty nice day for bicycling.

Whether you live in Plover or come from out of the area, I suspect the Poke-Around Ride – Plover North will provide a few surprises as well as some interesting history about this part of our urban area. I look forward to sharing Bike Fun with all Poky Pedalers this Saturday.


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