Apply today to serve on the Stevens Point Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee

An opportunity is available to Poky Pedalers interested in directly influencing bicycling and walking policy within the city of Stevens Point.

The city has announced that there is a vacancy on the Stevens Point Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee. Applications are currently being accepted from those interested in serving on this committee.

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Would you like to be a key voice on issues such as how to accommodate biking and walking as part of the I-39/Hwy 10 interchange reconstruction project? If so, Poky Pedalers should apply serve on the BPAC.

According to a recent press release from the BPAC, its mission is “to help the city implement an effective integrated multimodal transportation network.” Among their activities in support of this mission, the BPAC makes recommendations on implementation strategies for the portions of the Portage County Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan specific to the city. Another important function is to identify outside funding opportunities which can enable the city to implement new biking and walking accommodations.

I was informed by BPAC Chair Tori Jennings that the vacancy is a result of a member, Jim Menzel, deciding to step down. When a new BPAC member is selected, the committee will be back to its full contingent of five members.

In my opinion, the most important qualification for someone interested in becoming a BPAC member is an enthusiasm for making biking and walking better in Stevens Point. It would be helpful for a new committee member to be familiar with the bike/ped plan, but this is definitely not a prerequisite.

The BPAC currently meets on the third Tuesday of each month at 10 AM. For those interested in serving who cannot commit to this time slot, I recommend contacting BPAC Chair Jennings to learn of the committee’s meeting time flexibility.

Because the BPAC is still in its formative stages, the best way at present to communicate with the BPAC is to send an e-mail to Stevens Point Mayor Mike Wiza via this webpage on the city’s website. Your e-mail should make clear that you want Mayor Wiza to forward your comments on to BPAC Chair Jennings.

The city’s announcement of the BPAC vacancy can be found on this Stevens Point city webpage. This webpage includes a link to a general application form used to fill vacancies on any city committee. Be certain to specify your specific interest in the BPAC.

I encourage all Poky Pedalers to consider serving on the BPAC and to submit their application over the next few days. The gaps in our biking and walking networks are best known to those who at least occasionally travel around Stevens Point by bike and by foot. These are the voices who can best inform our elected leaders of the actions necessary to make our city a better place to bike and walk. Becoming a BPAC member is an outstanding way to Speak Your Poky, to make your voice heard, and to take meaningful action towards eliminating these troublesome gaps.


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