Public workshop on Bike/Ped Plan prioritization will take place this Thursday

The Stevens Point Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee is putting on a workshop open to the public to get feedback on implementation priorities for the Portage County Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan. The city formally adopted the portion of the plan that pertains to Stevens Point at the September Common Council meeting.

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Express your priorities from the Bike/Ped Plan at the public workshop this Thursday

The workshop will take place this Thursday March 3 from 5-7 PM in the Pinery Room of the Portage County Library in downtown Stevens Point (1001 Main St).

The Bike/Ped Plan makes a large number of recommendations, far too many to accomplish in the short term. For this reason, the BPAC seeks guidance to better understand what the public considers most important. This will help the BPAC make choices on what to focus on from the Bike/Ped Plan in the near term.

Here is more information taken from a post about the workshop on the Stevens Point website:

The BPAC will host a workshop to prioritize the recommendations/actions in the County Bike/Ped Plan on March 3, 5-7 pm in the Pinery Room of the Library. The free event is open to everyone. Residents may offer their voice on bicycle & pedestrian issues.

The evening will also feature more information about the Bike/Ped Plan, meet and greet with BPAC members, rules of the road, and basic bicycling & walking tips.

“The Portage County Countywide Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan Prioritization Workshop is planned to jointly, with the public, staff, and elected and appointed officials, review, analyze and order goals and objectives within the plan based on factors such as importance, resources, time, etc.,” says Kyle Kearns, Economic Development Specialist / Associate Planner for the City. “Once prioritized, the City’s BPAC will be better suited to make realistic recommendations for improvements to bicycling and walking within the City.”

Poky Pedalers interested in learning about the contents of the Bike/Ped Plan and expressing their opinions about which recommendations are most important should definitely take advantage of this opportunity for giving feedback.

For more information, read the full post on the Stevens Point website.

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