PABS will honor two recently departed musical icons: Bowie & Prince Tribute Party Ride is this Saturday

If you are like me, you were saddened by the news of David Bowie’s passing in January and then stunned by the death of Prince in April. Even if you weren’t a fan of their music, the influence of their creativity over the past several decades, not only in the realm of music but across our broader culture, is undeniable.

pabs bowie prince party ride pic

PABS will offer the Bowie & Prince Tribute Party Ride this Saturday (image from the PABS Facebook page)

For this reason, an opportunity to pay tribute to these two artistic souls is not to be missed. Just such an opportunity is taking place in Stevens Point on Saturday night.

Point Area Bicycle Service is holding the Bowie & Prince Tribute Party Ride on Saturday May 21. The ride will meet at 9 PM at PABS (1311 Strongs Ave in downtown Stevens Point), and will roll out at 9:15 PM. The ride is free of charge, and all are welcome. Here’s some info from the PABS Facebook page:

We will be winding through the mean streets of Point for 7 to 10 miles while making a few stops in some parks to bust a move. Loud Music Provided…Ride will end downtown on the square…Prince or Bowie attire could win you sweet prizes!

John from PABS has told me that for his community rides this year, he has upgraded his mobile bicycle-towed sound system. It sounds like he is raising the Bike Fun bar for his Party Rides this year.

This Saturday is also the day for Shop & Donate by Bike, a Poky Pedal that is both a celebration of Bike to Shop Day and a benefit for CAP Services Family Crisis Center. So you can spend the whole day sharing Bike Fun, first spending the afternoon shopping by bike while purchasing donation items for a vital community non-profit, then spending the evening ensconced in the aura of two musical legends as you pedal from one dance party park site to another. What a Bike-Fun-tastic day!

By the way, if you want to take your tribute to these two artists to a higher level, you’ll want to travel to Portland, OR for their 9th annual and final Bowie vs Prince Ride on June 11. When it comes to Bike Fun, Portland is the gold standard, and their Bowie vs Prince Ride is arguably the pinnacle of what Bike Fun Portland has to offer.

In the meantime, PABS is providing us the Bowie & Prince Tribute Party Ride. It should be a great evening of 80’s Dance Music Bike Fun in Stevens Point. Check out the PABS Facebook page for more info.

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