Bike Fun with PPSP is back! Join us for Shop & Donate by Bike this Saturday

The long wait to again share Bike Fun with Poky Pedaling Stevens Point is almost over. The first Poky Pedal on the 2016 Bike Fun Calendar, Shop & Donate by Bike, is just days away. All signs point to a day of epic Bike Fun.

Shop & Donate by Bike will meet on Saturday May 21 at 12:45 PM in Bukolt Park near the skate park.

I’ve written at length in this post about Shop & Donate by Bike. So I’ll merely summarize here what to expect on Saturday and let you read that post for more detail.

CAP pic lighter

Shop & Donate by Bike will benefit CAP Services Family Crisis Center

Shop & Donate by Bike is charity-themed Bike Fun benefitting CAP Services Family Crisis Center, a vital local resource for domestic abuse survivors and their children, as well as for runaway youth.

Shop & Donate by Bike is also a celebration of Bike to Shop Day, a counterpart to other Bike Month activity encouraging bicycling to work and school. On Saturday, Poky Pedalers will discover first-hand that using a bicycle for shopping trips can be easy.

During Shop & Donate by Bike, we will ride a 10-mile loop on calm streets and non-motorized paths, riding slowly while staying in one contiguous group. Our route will take us to three shops. Each Poky Pedaler will spend $5 on donation items at each shop, for a total of $15 spent during the ride. All donation item purchases will be transported using the PPSP Colossal Cargo Carrier – a 5’-long flatbed bicycle trailer. After our shopping is complete, we will ride over to CAP Services Family Crisis Center and donate all our purchases to them. As a participation incentive, PPSP will make an additional $1 cash donation to CAP Services Family Crisis Center for each donating Poky Pedaler, up to $100.

trailer pic lighter

The PPSP Colossal Cargo Carrier

I estimate we’ll arrive at CAP Services at around 3:30 PM. After all our unloading and donating activity is complete, we should be back at Bukolt Park at around 4 PM.

Aside from any amount spent on donation items, Shop & Donate by Bike is free of charge and all Poky Pedalers are welcome. (If riding slowly and sharing Bike Fun sounds like a great way to spend an afternoon, then you are a Poky Pedaler.) Those choosing not to spend money on donation items, such as children or others simply tagging along, are certainly welcome as well.

For those who plan to participate in the shopping-and-donating aspect of this Poky Pedal, please bring $15 cash – preferably three $5 bills – to the ride. You will be part of a 3- or 4-person shopping team purchasing donation items, and this will simplify everything. (Expecting to pay with a credit card will make things very complicated for your shopping team. Please bring cash.)

As for the weather forecast, we couldn’t ask for anything better. Saturday should have clear sunny skies with a light breeze and temperatures in the low-70’s. It should be a perfect day for sharing Bike Fun.

If you’ve never been on a Poky Pedal before, you can find more general information about what to expect on the Are Poky Pedals Family Friendly? webpage.

Donating to CAP Services Family Crisis Center. Bike to Shop Day. The PPSP Colossal Cargo Carrier. A swarm of Poky Pedalers. Shopping. A perfect day for riding your bicycle. All crammed into a few hours this Saturday afternoon. Like I said, a day of epic Bike Fun.

So head over to Bukolt Park on Saturday at 12:45 PM to be part of a Poky Pedal destined to be one for the ages. I look forward to sharing Bike Fun with all Poky Pedalers on Shop & Donate by Bike.

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