Bike Fun Report: Poky Pedaling Potluck Picnic

We had to wait a couple of extra days due to threatening weather on Tuesday, but our reward was a pleasant evening under clear sunny skies for our Poky Pedaling Potluck Picnic last night.

Eight Poky Pedalers met at our starting location at Goerke Park. From there, we took a route through Iverson Park onto the gravel Green Circle Trail path to Patch St. We then headed east across Hoover Ave to Joerns Dr. But before reaching the path under I-39, we took a right turn into the Stevens Point Industrial Park.

PPPPicnic pic

Our spread at Village Green Park during yesterday’s Poky Pedaling Potluck Picnic

At the south end of the pavement, well past the time most Poky Pedalers were wondering what park we could possibly be heading to, we continued onto a “secret trail”: a dirt path we took for a few hundred feet that led to a track through the trees and over a small berm into Village Green Park. For those familiar with this park, the more typical approach is via Hoover Ave to Howard Ave. Of course, it is more fun to find “secret trails” to familiar places.

At Village Green Park, we spread out all the picnic contributions and lingered over a scrumptious feast as we relaxed in the shade of a few magnificent trees. Once we had our fill of food and conversation, we packed everything up and started back.

Our return route took Howard to the path along Hoover, followed by a turn into the neighborhoods immediately west. We wound up back on Patch, from where we mostly retraced our route back through Iverson Park as we returned to Goerke Park. All in all, we enjoyed a splendid Poky Pedaling Potluck Picnic.

There are more Poky Pedals coming up soon. The Upcoming Poky Pedals webpage and the 2016 Bike Fun Calendar have all the info you need to share Bike Fun with PPSP over the weeks and months to come.

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