Get cultured on the Tiny Museum Ride this Saturday

[Weather update: As of Saturday morning, the weather forecast has improved considerably, and the Tiny Museum Ride will proceed as scheduled. See the note at the end of this post for more detail on the weather forecast.]

There is more Bike Fun to share this weekend on the Tiny Museum Ride. This will be the third time since 2012 that PPSP will expose Poky Pedalers to a few of the museums in Stevens Point that feature local tributes to history, nature, art, and science.

The Tiny Museum Ride will meet on Saturday June 25 at 12:45 PM in Goerke Park near the entrance to the municipal swimming pool. As with all Poky Pedals, the Tiny Museum Ride is free of charge and all Poky Pedalers are welcome. If riding slowly and sharing Bike Fun sounds like a great way to spend an afternoon, then you are a Poky Pedaler.

synagogue pic

One of our destinations during the Tiny Museum Ride in 2014

From our starting location, we will slowly ride an 8-mile loop on calm streets and non-motorized paths that visits three tiny museums. We’ll spend about 20-30 minutes exploring each. Our Poky Pedal should return to Goerke Park by around 3:30 PM.

I won’t reveal which museums we’ll be visiting – our Bike Fun is enhanced by keeping this information a secret – but I’m pretty certain Poky Pedalers will find each to be fun and interesting in its own way.

If you haven’t been on a Poky Pedal before and want to know more about what to expect, I recommend the Are Poky Pedals Family Friendly? webpage for a bit more general detail.

As for the weather forecast for Saturday afternoon, it generally looks good. Temperatures should be in the low-to-mid 80’s with some clouds and wind. The forecast shows a small chance (30%) of rain and thunderstorms during the afternoon, but it appears that storms probably won’t move into our area until around 7 PM, well after our Poky Pedal is complete.

Based on this, I’d say that our Poky Pedal is likely to take place as scheduled. However, I will monitor the forecast closely and post updates to this blog post as appropriate. Poky Pedalers should check the PPSP website a couple of times, especially on Friday afternoon, in case the weather forecast turns worse and we need to reschedule.

The Tiny Museum Ride is a great opportunity to visit some of Stevens Point’s cultural treasures, many of which are well known yet rarely visited. I look forward to sharing such cultural-themed Bike Fun with all Poky Pedalers this Saturday.

[Weather update 9 AM Sat 6/25 – The forecast is even a bit better than in my update Friday evening. It now looks like there will be no rain until after 5 PM, probably not even until after 7 PM, and the really heavy stuff won’t hit until around 10 PM (90% chance of an inch of rain overnight). 

We should have partly sunny skies with temperatures in the mid-80’s during our Poky Pedal. It will be windy, though, with sustained 10-15 MPH winds from the south that gust to over 20 MPH. 

The Tiny Museum Ride will proceed as scheduled, meeting in Goerke Park Saturday at 12:45 PM.]

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