UPDATE: Weather, health issue create possibility of postponement of “P”-Street Bellringer Ride

[Update 1 PM Thursday 7/21: I will wait until late afternoon or early evening to make my next decision and post something new about the status of Saturday’s ride. Please check the PPSP blog this evening or tomorrow for more info.]

I had intended to post an announcement today for the “P”-Street Bellringer Ride scheduled for this Saturday. But as things are playing out, I am simply posting a heads-up to Poky Pedalers of the possibility that this Poky Pedal may be postponed. There are two unrelated issues that create uncertainty for keeping to our Saturday schedule.

First, the weather forecast for Saturday is of concern. As of around 3 PM Wednesday, the forecast for Saturday shows a 50% chance of thunderstorms. I am well aware that the predicted timing, likelihood, and severity of such storms could change substantially (either better or worse) over the next few days. Nevertheless, this is the current prediction.

In addition, I have a minor health issue that has prevented me from riding a bicycle or pretty much doing any other activity for the past few days. It is nothing serious and my condition is improving. Although I am optimistic that I will be well enough to ride on Saturday, there is significant uncertainty that this will actually happen.

Since an unfavorable progression of either of these situations would require a postponement of Saturday’s Poky Pedal, taken together they magnify the likelihood of a need to reschedule.

Because of this, I felt it was most prudent to simply post this alert to Poky Pedalers about checking the PPSP blog later in the week to learn of the status of Saturday’s ride. For now, I have made no decision as to staying on schedule or postponing, and I will create a new post on Thursday with more clarification on what to expect.

I appreciate the patience of Poky Pedalers to remain flexible about our upcoming Poky Pedal. I look forward to sharing Bike Fun on the “P”-Street Bellringer Ride, whether that turns out to be this Saturday or at a later date.

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