“P”-Street Bellringer Ride postponed until Saturday August 6

After great consideration, I have decided to postpone the “P”-Street Bellringer Ride. Originally scheduled for this Saturday, this Poky Pedal will now take place two weeks later on Saturday August 6. We will still meet at 12:45 PM in Iverson Park near the Green Circle gravel path.

The reason for rescheduling is that I am dealing with a minor health issue that has shut me down for the past several days. Although it is not serious and has been steadily improving, I have had substantial difficulty doing much of anything besides resting in bed over this time. Even today, walking up and down a flight of stairs has been difficult.

It seems unreasonable to expect that in two days I’ll be able to spend a couple of hours robustly sharing Bike Fun on our Poky Pedal. In light of this, I would prefer to reschedule early than to be overly optimistic, only to discover hours before we meet that I am still unable to comfortably ride a bicycle.

Adding to the uncertainty of Saturday, the weather forecast as of 8 PM Thursday shows that temperatures Saturday will be flirting with 90 degrees as a mass of clouds having a 30% chance of generating thunderstorms moves into Stevens Point right around our starting time. These are not the sort of conditions that inspire aimless riding around the city gleefully ding-dinging our bike bells.

Thus, the “P”-Street Bellringer Ride will take place on Saturday August 6. This gives Poky Pedalers two weeks to rearrange your schedules in order to participate on this completely pointless ride visiting streets whose names start with the letter “P”, collectively ringing our bike bells at each. Trust me, ringing your bike bell among a swarm of Poky Pedalers while casually riding through scenic Stevens Point neighborhoods is one of the purest forms of Bike Fun you will ever experience.

Hopefully, two weeks is also enough time for the persistent stormy weather we have recently experienced to dissipate, thereby allowing us the opportunity to enjoy the “P”-Street Bellringer Ride under pleasant sunny skies.

I am never keen on postponing a Poky Pedal, but I feel this is the best decision to make right now. I appreciate the understanding of all Poky Pedalers with regard to my situation.

To tide you over until we can finally share bike-bell-inspired Bike Fun, let me offer a link to a 3-minute video including a performance of a bicycle bell symphony. This excerpt from a 2009 online article from The Guardian best describes it:

“Eine Brise” (A Breeze) is a 90-second composition by the eccentric Argentinian composer Mauricio Kagel, who died aged 76 last autumn. Kagel described the work as a “fleeting action for 111 cyclists: a musically enriched sport event in the open.”

The article has the video embedded in it. The video is also available at this YouTube link. I hope your enjoyment of this cultural tidbit soothes the disappointment of having to wait two additional weeks for our next Poky Pedal.

(By the way, if you’re wondering how in the world I know about stuff like the bicycle bell symphony, let me simply say that this is just part of my responsibilities as Chief Bike Fun Officer.)

I look forward to feeling 100% and robustly sharing Bike Fun with all Poky Pedalers on the “P”-Street Bellringer Ride on Saturday August 6.

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