Bike Fun Report: “P”-Street Bellringer Ride

This past Saturday, nine Poky Pedalers enjoyed a beautiful sunny afternoon riding through scenic neighborhoods while ding-dinging our bike bells on the “P”-Street Bellringer Ride. We had to wait a couple of weeks beyond the original schedule due to a personal health issue, so having a pretty day for our delayed Bike Fun was much appreciated.

The theme behind the “P”-Street Bellringer Ride was to chime a chorus of bike bells each time we rode upon a street whose name starts with the letter “P”. Over our 12-mile ride, we discovered that an unusually large number of street names in Stevens Point start with the letter “P”.

From Iverson Park, we headed south to the neighborhood east of McDill Pond. That area kept our bike bell fingers busy as we encountered a plethora of street names starting with “P”.

p-st ice cream

Poky Pedalers enjoying ice cream at Carl D’s while resting their bike bell ringing fingers during the “P”-Street Bellringer Ride

We then headed west, crossing a “P”-street desert where we rode over a mile-and-a-half without encountering a single “P”-street. During this portion, we contemplated getting a street-sign-green marker and doing a little street name editing to address this deficiency. A few pen strokes would quickly change streets like Rice St and Blaine St into the “P”-streets Pice St and Plaine St.

Upon turning north, we soon resumed our “P”-street bike-bell-ringing frenzy. We stopped for ice cream at Carl D’s to fortify our group for the remainder of our Poky Pedal.

We then continued into the neighborhoods north of downtown. From there, we generally headed east as we rode back to Iverson Park. We encountered “P”-streets galore through these areas as we repeatedly rang our bike bells with glee.

For the record, here is the list of “P”-Streets in the order we encountered them during our ride:

  • Patch St
  • Parkway Dr
  • Pine Ridge Dr
  • Pine Ridge Ct
  • Pine Ridge Dr (again)
  • Pleasant View Dr
  • Parkway Dr (again)
  • Pioneer Dr
  • Parkwood Dr
  • Parkway Dr (yet again)
  • Patch St (again)
  • Prairie St
  • Park St
  • Prairie St (again)
  • Park St (again)
  • Plover St
  • Pine St
  • Prentice St
  • Portage St
  • Pulaski Pl
  • Prentice St (again)
  • Philips St
  • Portage St
  • Prais St
  • Peck St
  • Prais St (again)
  • Pinecrest Ave
  • Park Ridge Dr

This totals 28 instances where we rode upon a “P”-street. Considering that we made a total of 81 street/path transitions over the entire ride, over one-third of the streets we traveled on were “P”-streets. Pretty remarkable, in my opinion.

To sum it up, we enjoyed a pleasant afternoon riding upon an abundance of “P”-streets providing ample opportunities to ring our bike bells. Pure Bike Fun.

Yet even more Bike Fun is on tap over the next few weeks. Poky Pedalers can look at the 2016 Bike Fun Calendar and the Upcoming Poky Pedals webpage to discover their next opportunities to share Bike Fun with PPSP.

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